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Welcome to August Moon Tea

August Moon Tea aims to bring the fresh air and sunshine from the tea field to our tea ceremony and create a peaceful and exquisite ambience for all of you.

Tea not only brings people closer but also helps us to reconnect with ourselves. It’s a natural elixir for our souls.

Wake Up Your Puer Tea

good tea deserves a longer time. Let’s be patient and wait for a better result. 

Some customers find their puer tea doesn’t taste like the one they try in the tea shop. Personally, I think you could try to ‘wake up the tea’ first. I’m sure you have heard of this term ‘wake up the tea’. Here we’d like to talk about how you wake the tea up before your tea ceremony. It is an important step no matter which puer tea you are making, raw or ripened (fermented).

Benefits Of Waking Up Pu’er Tea

Waking it up can break the stability of the puer tea so that the tea can experience short-term oxidization which results in a more rounding texture with a more comforting aroma. In another way, the better you wake up the puer tea, the better it tastes. 

For example, new produced puer tea normally tastes bitter and stringent, irritating to our mouth, let alone the fact that fermented puer tea has a piling taste. Waking up the tea can not only accelerate the fusion of substances contained in tea, improve the coordination of tea soup but also minimize the heaping taste in puer tea, which, in the end, creates a better taste. 

Another example is aged puer tea, especially over 10 years old, which is stored in a low-oxygen, dry, and light-free environment with low-active properties. They taste flat and earthy, not ideal to enjoy. After some time to wake the tea up, the properties will get more active, with significantly improved the purity of the tea soup, and reduced heaping taste.

However, for loose leaf puer tea in a relatively open environment, it is less important to wake the tea up.  

How To Wake Up Pu’er Tea

For compressed puer tea, you can simply break the tea with a breaker, put it in a sealed container away from strange smells and direct sunlight and keep the container in a dry and cool place. 

How to choose the containers

There isn’t any rule. The containers can be made in different materials. 

If you are patient enough to wait for longer, purple clay is a good option. But if you’d like to quicker, stoneware is your friend. Simply put it, use the containers that are made with breathable materials.

How long to wake up the tea for

This varies with teas. Normally, it only needs one to two weeks. But here are some tips.

  1. Fermented tea needs to be ready to drink once it’s produced. So just wait for a week. 
  2. Raw puer tea without the fermentation, two weeks is better. 
  3. Aged puer teas are always a bit loose, which means you need to be really gentle with it when you break the tea. After the tea is put in the tea caddy, it takes about one to three months to get ready. 

Of course, this is only my personal experience. It’s all down to your preference. But good tea deserves a longer time. Let’s be patient and wait for a better result. 

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