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Welcome to August Moon Tea

August Moon Tea aims to bring the fresh air and sunshine from the tea field to our tea ceremony and create a peaceful and exquisite ambience for all of you.

Tea not only brings people closer but also helps us to reconnect with ourselves. It’s a natural elixir for our souls.

Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu Day 3

Pu Shang hsien
Don’t glorify heroes,
And people will not content.

Don’t treasure rare objects,IMG_4817
And no one will steal.
Don’t display what people desire,
And their hearts will not be disturbed.
The sage rules By emptying hearts and filling bellies, By weakening ambitions and strengthening bones;
Leads people Away from knowing and wanting;
Deters those who know too much From going to far;
Practices non-action And the nature order is not disturbed.

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