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Welcome to August Moon Tea

August Moon Tea aims to bring the fresh air and sunshine from the tea field to our tea ceremony and create a peaceful and exquisite ambience for all of you.

Tea not only brings people closer but also helps us to reconnect with ourselves. It’s a natural elixir for our souls.

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My Morning Indulgence

The sense of concentrating on a simple movement can take my mind off any thoughts. At this moment, the tea, tea wares and I are a whole.

The sense of concentrating on a simple movement can take my mind off any thoughts. At this moment, the tea, tea wares and I are a whole.

It seems to be a ‘must have’ ritual to do a tea ceremony when I just arrive at the shop every morning.

It is a special time for me to put my commuting journey aside and clear my right mind to start the day in the shop. It is the time I can prepare my smile, my heart, and my happy and positive energy. All of these come from a 20-minute tea session.

Spring is a season for those gentle and refreshing teas. Today I picked an aged raw puer tea from 2016. I love how diverse raw puer tea is. This puer tea welcomed me with a wild aroma that took me to the forest in Yunnan. It smelled tameless, yet full of floral notes. Once it was made, a honey note in the aroma immediately grabbed my heart and made me feel calm and centered. The session didn’t last long, but long enough for me to cherish every second of it.
After a few cups, I was already planning the tea for tomorrow.

Now after this post, I shall return to the raw puer tea and find peace from the teapot, the serving jug, and the teacup I use.

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What We Can Learn From A Tea Ceremony

In one’s life, there are many teachers who might even change one’s life. As tea drinkers, we have a special one which is tea. We can learn a lot from it.


Tea Teaches us Simplicity

The aroma made from a proper tea ceremony is quiet, soft, and moderate. It slowly travels through our body and put it at ease. It is not superficial, disappearing within seconds. The world is always on the go where one loses oneself so easily. The quality of life gradually deteriorates.

A simple lifestyle becomes a longing desire for many of us. Through a tea ceremony, we enjoy every moment of peacefulness, without too much noise. Coming from the deepest mountains in a simple colour, tea shares the wisdom of simplicity and helps us to find our souls.


Tea Teaches us Kindness

It is important to consider others at a tea ceremony. If you are preparing tea, your mind isn’t just on one or two people, but everyone around the tea table. You will notice who doesn’t have enough in the cup, if the tea is too warm for most people, or if everyone is comfortable. You might also notice someone might be too shy to engage in the conversation and want to help this person to blend in.

As a guest, you might want to keep your voice down so that other people can talk. You might also want to show your gratitude to the tea maker for his/her kind service. Maybe putting your phone down and focusing on the experience is also something we can do to enjoy a nicely presented tea ceremony.


Tea Teaches us Patience

A tea ceremony requires a lot of practice. It always involves many steps you have to go through to make an unforgettable experience, from boiling water, warming up the tea wares to making the tea, serving it. Each round deserves our attention to the very details.

When you are sitting around the table, you would learn to be respectful and patient. There is no rush to reach the teacup right after the tea is served because you could burn your fingers. You learn to wait for other people to finish their tea and start the next round.


Tea is a healthy lifestyle that brings people closer in a relaxing, friendly and respectful environment. With August Moon Tea, you can always learn the art of tea.