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Welcome to August Moon Tea

August Moon Tea aims to bring the fresh air and sunshine from the tea field to our tea ceremony and create a peaceful and exquisite ambience for all of you.

Tea not only brings people closer but also helps us to reconnect with ourselves. It’s a natural elixir for our souls.

Sunday Morning, Tea Is The Way To Get Up To

Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

2020, for me, is about packing and unpacking, moving to one place to another. For the second lockdown, we came back to Lincoln again, with my tea, tea wares, and August Moon Tea.

The Journey between Gloucestershire and Lincolnshire wasn’t enjoyable. It was such a gloomy day that I thought we could never get home. Getting up the next morning seemed to be the most difficult thing to do in the entire world. So I decided not to force myself, just take a day off, and enjoy whatever came to life. Actually, it worked.

Handmade Maofeng Green Tea

The craving for tea woke me up after a day of laziness. I started to think about the steps of a tea ceremony, how I would feel sitting at the tea-table with my favourite tea wares again. So, I got up, had breakfast and set the tea table up. The sun came out just in time. It was such a beautiful way to start my Sunday morning. No rush, no tiredness, no stress!

First, I picked a handmade Maofeng green tea to wake up my taste buds who had been sleeping all the time. Some light flavour was what they needed to start working. My outside world, along with the tea seemed to welcome me back. I felt more settle than yesterday. As having this solo session, I was talking to my mother who was also having a solo session. She told me it was the Small Snow today, one of the 24 Solar Term. We are slowly entering winter time. Nothing remains the same. For the second tea, I picked a smokey Lapsang Souchong. I always love the smokiness from the pinewood and the light longan note with its unique sweetness.

Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

Sometimes we enjoy tea according to the seasons. Sometimes we purely crave a special tea because of a certain mood. There is no rule what you should have. Follow your heart. If tea is the way to get up to on a Sunday morning, why not?

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