Wuyi Mountain Rougui Cliff Tea (Roasted Oolong Tea)


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Coming from Wuyuanjian (悟源涧) Wuyi Mountain which is the most famous tea growing area, this Rougui (肉桂, cinnamon) is sourced by ourselves. 悟源涧 is one of the Authentic Cliff Tea areas with the altitude of about 650 meters. The natural environment gives the tea plants sufficient nutrition and enough growing time on the cliffs.

The tea leaves are dark and strong, with a very sweet fragrance when they are dry. Mediumly roasted, the tea doesn’t taste as strong when you start brewing it. The colour of the liquor is bright and red (an amber colour). As you have more infusions, it will become lighter, like honey. The changes of the tea are great. From infusion to another, you can always sense something different. With a chocolatey hint, the sweetness stays for a long time. It also has a strong fruity flavour which coats your mouth well. The tea is smooth as well.

Instruction: boil water to 100 degrees, use 5g tea. Pour water from a higher distance to wake up the tea. The tea can be served 8-9 times before the flavour goes away.

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Weight 50 g


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