White Porcelain Tea Cups with Wise Words


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Hand-painted white porcelain cups can give you a sense of peacefulness. Each cup has a unique word that reminds us to live a simpler life with more happiness. The calligraphy on the cups is real art which is written by our artists.  Each cups is in a tulip shape which makes tea appreciation more enjoyable because this shape can concentrate the fragrance of tea better and keep the temperature high. The shape of the teacups also builds a connection between you and the cups, making it easy to drink. Each cup has a green shade that makes the cup look more elegant. The cups are nicely glazed with a gentle shininess.


Height:5cm, Width:6.5cm

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静心 Peaceful Heart, 自在 At Ease, 舍得 Give-then-Gain, 随缘 Follow the Karma, 知足 Be Content, 放下 Let It Go, 忍辱Patient Acceptance, 持戒 Discipline, 精进 Diligence, 布施 Generosity, 禅定 Meditation, 般若 Wisdom


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