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White peony is one popular type of white tea. White tea is very slightly fermented. Our farmers only pick one-bud-one-leaf tea to keep the freshness of it. It has a very floral flavour with a very smooth texture. The consistency of this tea is very good.  With a smaller amount of caffeine, white tea has rich L-Theanine which helps you to ease your nerves and calm you down. Because this is only slightly fermented, it still has a good amount of tea polyphenol which is a type of anti-oxidants. In China, if you have a cold, you will be advised to take some white tea.

Instruction for Preparing

The way to brew it is simple. There isn’t too much hustle. You need about 5g for a 150ml pot or Gaiwan. Use boiled water and keep the tea in water for 5 seconds for the first infusion. You can keep doing this until the flavour becomes lighter. Then add a few seconds to each following infusions until the tea can’t be brewed. You can boil the left tea with water for more if you like. The tea tastes good when you just boil it.

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Weight 30 g


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