Tea Tasting Box


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Welcome to a world of Chinese tea. There are ten different types of Chinese loose leaf teas waiting to seduce your taste buds and lure you to authentic Chinese tea flavours. August Moon Tea specially selected them according to the times of the year for your general wellbeing.

This selection includes:

A) Handcrafted Mengding Maofeng Green Tea

B) Spring Tranquility Green Tea

C) Premium Flying Snow Jasmine Green Tea

D) 2016 Aged Autumn Scene White Tea

E) White Peony White Tea

F) Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea

G) Premium Big Red Robe Roasted Oolong Tea

H) High Mountain Meizhan Red Tea (Black tea)

I) Lapsang Souchong Red Tea (pine smoked, Black tea)

J) Aged Tibetan Tea from 2014


(August Moon Tea reserves the right to change this menu.)


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