Tea and Silence (8 Nov)


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Sitting quietly and listening to the kettle rumbling, when you pick up a tea cup with the true self, the outside world melts away. There is only ‘you’ in the space. Gradually, ‘you’ also melt away.
As we live in a fast-paced world, our lives are forcing us to go faster and faster. We almost forget how to enjoy a moment in a simple way. This evening, we are inviting you to a special tea session. We’ll slow down every second to make sure you enjoy it fully. We’ll taste two different types of tea in silent following a short meditation.
There are only 8 seats available. If you want to join us, please sign up here.
Time:7-9 pm, 8 November
Ticket: £9/pp
If you have any questions, please message me, or send me an email to


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