Stories From A Secret Balcony: Pete Spowage And His Gallery (20 September)


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‘Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvellous.’
 –Bill Moyers
Stories bring people together. Every individual has something interesting to share with other people and touch their hearts and souls. Our experiences reflect each other like mirrors. We can learn from and get inspired by one another. At August Moon Tea, the stories are to be shared and listened to. If you would like to be uplifted, and meet like – minded people whilst enjoying some artisan Chinese tea, feel free to join our guest speaker Pete Spowage, the owner of PSpowage Art Gallery who has kindly agreed to share his story with us.
Pete is an artist, teacher, traveller, and a humble individual, who loves inspiring others through the magic of Art. His work has appeared on various TV programmes.  Producing paintings is not the only string to his bow. He likes to share his knowledge of art by giving Art lessons. Pete is also a well-travelled man, and some of his paintings tell the stories of his journeys. He has taken part in fundraising auctions with the British Red Cross. He has also donated the proceeds from certain paintings to help people in the third world countries with their education and daily living.
The Art gallery is found in the City Centre, in a large spacious bright building with a variety of rooms which will inspiringly take you to different places in your mind due to the diversity of the paintings.
Date and time: 20 September, 6pm-8pm
Ticket: £7.5/pp
The event will take place at Pete’s gallery. Please arrive a few minutes earlier, and wear comfortable clothing. When the story is being told, tea will be served as usual. There are only 10 seats because of the limited space. The seats will be secured only for those who have paid for the event. You can arrange the payment by going on the website. (ill put a link here). You have an option to pay on arrival, but that would not secure your space. If you have any questions, please email us to


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