Spring’s Selection Green Tea Box


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As the weather gets warmer, we sometimes feel a bit tired during the day. Some high-quality green tea can help you to have a fresh mind. If you have trouble choosing the right one, why not try out Spring’s selection green tea tasting box?

Spring’s Selection is a green tea tasting box of four different types of green teas that are appreciated by our customers. Green tea comes from spring. Nature has her plan to gift us with her best tea for the season. In the box, there are:

A feeling of the spring wind, gentle and smooth

A taste of the fresh air, clean and refreshing

A beautiful tradition with its sweetness

A natural floral note that makes you smile and dream

There are 20 grams of each of them.

How to make Green Tea

1 Warm up all your tea wares with boiling water.

2 Leave boiling water in one of the glass jugs to cool down to about 90℃.

3 Gently put the tea into the glass jug with water and pour it into another glass jug through a strainer for serving.

4 Serving the tea into teacups.

5 Make a few rounds till the flavour gets weak.


Each tea is individually packed in a cardboard box.


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