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Ru Porcelain

Ru porcelain (汝瓷), representing the highest quality of Chinese porcelain plays an important role in porcelain history. Born in the Song Dynasty, this star lost its glow during the long time of wars and changes of dynasties until 1958 when porcelain experts reproduced the first range of Ru porcelain products. The imperial porcelain returns.

Ru porcelain has a simple and unique colour. With the usage of the precious agate as one of the ingredients in the glaze, Ru porcelain presents an opalescent effect on the surface. The colour of the glaze looks like the edge of the sky after the rain. How romantic! People praise Ru porcelain as ”similar to jade, not jade, but more beautiful than jade’.

The glaze of Ru is soft with the small cracks like cicada wings which is another feature of Ru porcelain.

Product Information

Our artists have allowed us to admire the aesthetics of the Song Dynasty and produced the authentic Ru porcelain tea set for us. Not only does it have the gentle and peaceful colour Ru porcelain possesses, but also the whole set is made in an elegant shape, flower petal.

The tea set comes with one teapot, one serving jug, one tea strainer and six teacups in a gift box.


Teapot: 158mm (w)*75mm (h), 200ml
Serving jug: 130mm (w)*70mm (h), 195ml
Teacups: 65mm (w)*36mm (h), 60ml
Tea strainer: 82mm (w)*69mm (h)
Gift Box: 280mm (l)*150mm (w)*30mm (h)

How To Look After The Tea Set

Each time after you finish using the tea set, use a soft cloth and carefully wipe each of the objects inside out. Make sure they are dry properly before putting them back to storage.
You can use hot water to nurture the tea set which helps to enhance the opalescent glow.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g


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