Ru Kiln Kuaike Pot with one cup (The Whisper of Heart)


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Subtly glazed, this hand-crafted art piece has a very light green which gives the pot a sense of Spring. The texture gives you a sense of jade, especially the one called ‘mutton fat’.

There are some cracks on the surface which is another feather of Ru wares. They will grow and give the art piece more character as you use it more.

This pot comes with a teacup which can be used as a lid. The design is elegant and easy to use with the hearts as handles and the bottom of the cup.

On the bottom of the pot, the three little feet can stand steadily on the surface. They also add more cuteness to this pot.

Pouring is excellent.

Total height: 9cm, total width: 10cm,

Cup: 100ml

Pot: 220ml


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