Red Stamp Xiaguan Tuocha from the ’90s


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Coming from Menghai (勐海)Tea Plantation area in Yunnan Province, this Xiaguan Tuocha is wrapped in its original paper with the red stamp ‘中’. in the ’90s, Menghai Tea Factory selected the top quality of the raw tea leaves from the tea trees in the area and produced this legendary Xiaguan Tuocha.

With a rich woody and ginseng aroma, the dry leaves look strong and dark. It gives you a nutty but satisfying fragrance as you brew it. The consistency is excellent, continuously giving you multiple infusions. It’s smooth, warming and comforting. 

As a vintage tea, it is rare to find. 

Weight: 250g or 50g


A. 250g: Hand-wrapped in paper

B. 50g: cardboard box

Additional information

Weight N/A

50g sample, 250g full cake


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