Private Tea Ceremony


We live in a fast-paced hi-tech world, where society and city life of hustle and bustle makes a hectic lifestyle. We almost forget how to enjoy a moment of tranquillity. 
Sitting quietly and listening to the kettle rumbling, when you pick up a teacup with the true self, the outside world melts away. There is only ‘you’ in the space. Gradually, ‘you’ also melt away.
A Chinese tea ceremony delivers an authentic Chinese tea ritual that brings people closer.  This unique cultural experience also creates an exquisite ambience for you to slow down and return to your inner space whilst you are enjoying a cup of tea served in a mindful manner. 
This event includes
– a peaceful meditation
– a silent tea sessions
-a short break
-a social tea sessions

Please select the number for how many seats you want to book. We can host a tea ceremony for minimally 3 people and maximumly 12 people. If you have less than, 3 people, we’ll charge the price for 3 people.

We offer tailored tea ceremonies under different circumstances. We are more than happy to travel to your premises to offer the service. Please email or give us a call 07541493288 and tell us your requirements. We will send our quotation.



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