Premium Roasted Oolong Tea- Sparrow’s Tongue Queshe (雀舌)


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Coming from Wuyuanjian (悟源涧) Wuyi Mountain which is the most famous tea growing area, this Sparrow’s Tongue Queshe (雀舌,bird’s tongue) is sourced by ourselves. 悟源涧 is one of the Authentic Cliff Tea areas with an altitude of about 650 meters. The natural environment gives the tea plants sufficient nutrition and enough growing time on the cliffs.

Giving you a sweet flavour in your throat, the dry tea leaf has a subtle caramel small. The first a couple of pots are rich and strong with a gentle ginger smell when it’s warm. A sweet flavour lasts for the whole life of each session. The tea isn’t over oxidised which shows a good quality of the raw tea leaves. When you steep it, you will see tiny hair dancing in your serving mug. It’s always a symbol of high quality.


Boil water to 100 degrees, use 5g tea. Warm up the tea wares first. Pour water from a higher distance to wake up the tea. The tea can serve about 5-7 infusions.

Weight: 50g.

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Weight 50 g


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