Premium Aged Gaocong Shuixian Wuyi Rock Tea (2016)


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Hui Yuan Keng (慧苑坑) one of the authentic Wuyi Rock tea growing areas, is located in the deep part of Wuyi Mountain with various smaller pits around this big and wide Huiyuan Pit. Its unique location and natural environment give the farmers the best condition for Shuixian (Goddess of Water) to grow. Shuixian is the most famous rock tea in this region.

高枞, Gaocong which represents evergreen tea trees that are between 20 to 49 years old. Without pruning, these trees have the best life to be in the tea forest. Hand-produced in 2016, this aged Gaocong Shuixian is sweet and aromatic, after maturing for 4 years. It shares the special rock tea characteristics, with its own particular sweetness and floral aroma. Coming from evergreen tea trees gives it a longer serving life. The gentle daffodil fragrance with a light note of moss just takes you on a journey to the noble Wuyi Mountain. The changes from one infusion to the next are marvellous.

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Boil water to 100 degrees, use 5g tea. Pour water from a higher distance to wake up the tea. The tea can be served 5-7 times before the flavour goes away.




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