Peony King White Tea Cake 100g


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White peony king tea cakes from wild tea trees on Jiudou Mountain, Fujian Province (九斗山,福建) are completely produced in a traditional way. Our team went to visit the tea field and tea farmers last year and brought back these beautifully made tea cakes with other high-mountain white tea. The farmers are using traditional way to produce white tea to preserve the technique which a lot of people have given up.

The tea has a rich floral flavour with a subtle sweetness. The consistency of the tea is good, with only 5-gram tea, you can get 10+ infusions. When you drink the tea, you will feel the fresh air and the sunshine from the mountain where the tea is coming from. You can clearly see the strong tea leaves with much hair which represents a good quality.  Compared to White Peony White Tea Cake which you can also find in our shop, this one has a richer flavour and lasts even longer.

The cakes are all hand wrapped in foil and traditional paper which makes storage easy. If you travel it is also handy to carry around with you.


We suggest you use 100°C water to brew the tea. Don’t brew your tea for too long, 5 seconds for each infusion, and add it up when the flavour is a little bit lighter.

Weight: 100g

Package: Hand-Wrapped in paper


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