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Mengding Yellow Bud is a famous yellow tea from Sichuan Province. Coming with the fresh air of Spring Equinox, Yellow Bud requires strict criteria when the tea leaves are being plucked: no bitten buds, no purple buds, no buds with dew on the surface, no empty buds, no skinny buds. The buds are normally from single buds or one bud and one young leaf buds. Mengding Mountain (about 1450 meters high) located in Yaan City creates the perfect natural condition for the tea plantation.

When you look at the shape of the tea, you will see each of them is flat but strong. Each looks similar to others. The colour is grass yellow with a pointing shape. The aroma of the dry tea isn’t strong. On the contrary, it’s subtle but refreshing. Once the tea gets into the warmed tea vessel, the aroma changes to a cooked bean smell. The flavour is refreshing too with a cooked corn flavour. The flavour lasts long.


1 Warm up all your tea wares with boiling water.

2 Leave boiling water in one of the glass jugs to cool down to about 90℃.

3 Gently put the tea into the glass jug with water and pour it into another glass jug through a strainer for serving.

4 Serving the tea into teacups.

5 Make a few rounds till the flavour gets weak.




Best to store the tea in a freezer to keep the freshness. Avoid direct sunshine, strong smells, and very humid environment.


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