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This premium green tea is from Mengding Mountain, Sichuan Province, one of the original places of tea culture. Over 2000 years ago, Wu Lizhen started tea cultivation. The altitude of the highest place is 1456 metres. Ganlu is the name of one of the five peaks of Mengding Mountain which is always covered by trees. The environment is perfect for tea cultivation with the amount of rain and forests. It is said that Mengding Ganlu is the oldest rolled green tea. The raw tea leaves are very tender, one bud or one bud with one leaf. This results in a lot of small tiny white hair you will see from the dry tea leaves and in the tea soup. The smell of the tea is very lightly floral with a little bit of the smell of bean sprouts. The tea soup is smooth and clear with very subtle sweetness. To keep the freshness of the tea, please make sure you don’t brew the tea for too long (5 second for each brew, 5 brews in total) or use not very hot water.

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