Kunlun Snowy Chrysanthemums




Coming from Kunlun Snowy Mountain, these little flowers grow on an area about 3.2 km above the sea level. The environment is extremely cold, with low oxygen which means it takes longer for the plants to flower. It’s been used in Chinese medicine for many years. It’s anti-bacterial and good for the liver. It also helps to drop blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood fat.

The flower tea has a minty and fresh fragrance with a beautiful bright yellow colour. The tea tastes refreshing and smooth. The colour of the liquor is like amber which is why people also call it Blood Chrysanthemum.

To make it, you need 95 degree water, 6-8 flowers and a pot or mug. Put the flowers in, give it a quick rinse. You can drink it from the second infusion.

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Weight 40 g


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