Jianzhan Tea Bowl in a Rabbit-Fur Pattern


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Jian Kiln (建窑) is one of the famous kilns in the Song Dynasty. It is located in Shuiji Town, Jianyang County, Fujian Province ( 福建省建阳县水吉镇). The pitch-black glazed porcelain that is produced in this area is called Jianzhan or Jian Bowl (建盏). Rabbit Fur is one of the dominant patterns from the Jian Porcelain. 

Around the Song Dynasty, tea was half-fermented and ground into a powder texture. Bamboo made Chasen (茶筅) is used to whisk the tea powder with hot water in the Jianzhan. The whiter the tea powder made taste is, the higher quality of the tea. Black clour is considered the best colour to show quality as it is white. 


Product Information

Jianzhan is used for tea consuming. It is wide open with a thick and heavy body and an orange-brown coloured rim on the top. On the bottom of the tea bowl, there is a Chinese character ‘吉’. Although the inside of the Jianzhan is glazed, the bottom is not, giving you a firmer grip. 

This Jianzhan is perfect for Puer tea, Oolong tea, white tea and black tea. 

Size: 84 mm (w) * 40 mm (h)


How to Look After It

After finishing using it, please use boiling water to rinse the tea bowl and use a soft cloth to dry it thoroughly. 



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