High Mountain Meizhan Black Tea


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Meizhan is the best material for black tea. From late Spring, the tea can last longer and the fragrance is deeper. The tea bushes are growing in the mountains about 1300m high. The cars cannot drive to the tea plantation area. You would have to walk 2.5 hours to get there. Far away from the city, the tea bushes can grow freely and naturally without the disruption of chemical fertilizers. The tea has a very rich dark chocolate smell. The taste of it has different layers through the sweetness of it stays very long. The tea soup is very clear in an amber colour which represents a high standard production process. Packed in thick sealable to get away from other smell and humidity.


Preparation instruction may vary according to your preference.

1 warm up the pots and cups

2 wash the tea leaves with boiled water

3 make the tea with boiled water. Once the water is in the pot, pour it out.

4 Repeat process 3, but add a couple of seconds for each infusion until the flavour is gone.

Weight: 50g

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Weight 50 g


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