Huangshan Premium White Chrysanthemum Flower Tea


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The chrysanthemum is one of the “Four Gentlemen” (四君子) of China, together with the plum blossom, the orchid, and bamboo. It’s a symbol of nobility and autumn. It’s always a widely consumed flower tea in China. 

Coming from Huangshan (黄山),  each flower is beautifully presented in its own fashion. It was the contribution to the emperors in ancient times. The flowers are dressed in white with yellow heart and green stems which shows you the freshness of the flowers. The tea naturally has a very subtle and elegant aroma. The liquor of the tea is clear and clean. When you make it, it looks like a dance of the white chrysanthemum flowers.

Chrysanthemum tea is good for liver and eyes, especially for people who work in the front of the computer.  Its fresh and unique flavour will bring you a good day.

Instruction: each time you just need 4-5 flowers and boiler water. You can keep adding water to the tea until the flavour is weak.

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