Handmade Wood Fired High Mountain Sweet Dew Green Tea


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Limited Edition Sweet Dew from the early Spring. Only 1kg available!

Infused with the mountain air and the fragrance of burning wood, this Sweet Dew green tea stands the top quality in all the green teas. Our farmers used their bare hands to process the raw tea leaves in case they got damaged.

The raw tea leaves are very tender, one bud or one bud with one leaf. This results in a lot of small tiny white fluff you will see from the dry tea leaves and in the tea soup. The smell of the tea is very lightly floral with a little bit of the smell of sweet corn. The tea soup is smooth and clear with a very subtle sweetness.


1 Warm up all your tea wares with boiling water.

2 Leave boiling water in one of the glass jugs to cool down to about 90℃.

3 Gently put the tea into the glass jug with water and pour it into another glass jug through a strainer for serving.

4 Serving the tea into teacups.

5 Make a few rounds till the flavour gets weak.




Best to store the tea in a freezer to keep the freshness. Avoid direct sunshine, strong smells, and very humid environment.

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