Hand-painted Underglaze Colour Vintage Tea Cups with Iron Rust Spots


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There are two general pictures on the cups. One is horse riding, the other is GO playing. On the horse riding ones, there are a man and woman riding a horse. They are looking at each other, as if they are competing against each. They both look very brave. On the GO playing, one man looks so casual and relaxed, the other man is in his deep thought. Who will win, we don’t know. Unlike cups from official kilns which are always very exquisite, these cups look more honest, natural. Because of the iron from raw material, you may find a lot of rust spots on the surface which adds a bit of uniqueness to the vintage looking. Please bare in mind that they are handmade cups, they may look different from each other.

Size: 7.5*5cm, 100ml

Net Weight: 89g

Additional information

Weight89 g
Dimensions7.5 x 5 cm

Horse Riding, GO Playing


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