Handmade Jun Teacup–Ocean Wave


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Jun porcelain (钧瓷) was exclusively reserved for use within the imperial palace by the Royal emperor himself over a thousand years ago. During this time it was forbidden for the population to even own such items Unless it was given as a gift from the imperial family or the emperor himself. In the Song Dynasty, it was conferred as the governmental porcelain by the famous emperor Song Huizong, because of the rich and vivid colours. In ancient times it was considered a privilege and an honour to own.

This handmade jun porcelain teacup has been crafted in the Chinese ocean wave design by the prestigious 三味瓷屋. Its beauty is amplified by the bold comic colours radiating from the surface unique to jun porcelain.

A. Wavy body with brown coloured rings surrounding the body and creates a nice grip.
B. Handmade and unique
C. Copper stain patches
D. Stamp on the bottom (三味瓷屋)

Size: 100m

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Weight 50 g


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