Handmade Jun Kiln Teacup (Hat Shape)-Lagoon in the Forest


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Background Information

with an over 800 years’ history, Jun kiln (钧窑) has been one of the representations of the peak of the marvellous pottery art in Chinese history. It used to be a privilege to the emperors to own these beautiful artworks. The artists nowadays are still pursuing the more perfect work from their creation.

Product Details

This beautiful teacup is handmade by our artist and fired with coal which adds a high value to the cup itself. Its uniqueness cannot be replaced by other ones. The blue colour is a real charm with the mottled iron rust. The more you use the cup, the better colour it kindly gives to you. Inside of the cup, a hue of a gentle blue colour looks like a beautiful river around the surface of the cup. It also adds a sense of mystery to it.


Height: 4cm
Width: 8.9cm

How to Look After It

To look after your teacup, please make sure you wash it properly with clean water. No wash liquid or anything as such is needed to protect the glaze.



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