Handmade Ge Kiln Grasping Teapot Set with Icy Cracks


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Ge Kiln is one of the five most famous kilns in China. With natural cracks in the glaze, they look beautiful. There are net-shaped lines all over the bodies which is another symbol of Ge kiln. Under the thick glaze, there hide tiny bubbles. Because the edge of each object is thinner than other parts, it shows the original colour which is tan or dark yellow as well as the bottom. The colour is grayish green which gives the users a sense of maturity and history. Because they are handmade, you possibly will find some small defects.This is common in all handmade products. But imperfect creates balance.

Contents: 1 Grasping teapot, 1 fair mug / serving pot, 1 strainer (with stand), 6 tea cups

Size: teapot: 7.5*10 cm, 242 g, fair mug / serving pot: 12*8.5cm,  213 g, strainer (with stand): 8*7.5 cm, 179 g, tea cups: 7*3cm, 54 g, net weight: 961g

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