Handcrafted High Mountain Maofeng Green Tea


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Maofeng green tea as one of the most famous teas in Yaan area was supplied to the Palace as the tribute. It shows you a strong shape and dark green colour with its light tiny buds. Picked as one-bud-one-leaf or one-bud-two leaves, the farmers have to keep the freshness of the harvested leaves by processing the leaves immediately after the picking.

We are so privileged to have had this hand-processed Maofeng this year. It gives you a gentle aroma when it is dry. The taste is subtle and refreshing with a honey-like after fragrance.

We suggest you have it in the late morning and early afternoon.


1 Warm up all your tea wares with boiling water.

2 Leave boiling water in one of the glass jugs to cool down to about 90℃.

3 Gently put the tea into the glass jug with water and pour it into another glass jug through a strainer for serving.

4 Serving the tea into teacups.

5 Make a few rounds till the flavour gets weak.




Best to store the tea in a freezer to keep the freshness. Avoid direct sunshine, strong smells, and very humid environment.



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