Hand-painted Double-Circle White Porcelain Tea Set


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Double-circle style is getting back to the stage. This set looks so great with this style. With the handle on the teapot, you will not burn your fingers. The tea cups are thoughtfully designed with extended edge. When simplicity meets tradition, you can only say: ‘This is perfect!’ easily. The glaze is beautiful, including the bottom part of the pot which prevents your table from scratching. If you need something to brighten up your day, this set will be your full moon.

Contents: 1 Kyusu, a strainer, 6 tea cups

Size: teapot: 4.6*8.8cm, 255 ml, 180g, serving pot/ fair mug: 7.8*7.2cm, 240ml, 132g, strainer: 8.5*6 cm (including stand), 128g, tea cups: 6.6*4.8cm, 60ml, 43g

Net Weight: 698g

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Weight556 g


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