Hand-Painted Blue & White Porcelain Teacup-Elegant Plum Blossom in Meiping Vase


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Cultural Background

Plum blossom symbolises a strong and tough characteristic that can get through the most difficult times as plums bloom in cold winter. 

Product Information

This beautiful hand-painted teacup is decorated with a classic Chinese traditional vase (梅瓶) carrying plum blossom. The vase is meticulously drawn in the cup with details of plum blossom in the body. A branch of the plum flower is dangling in the air, giving it a feeling of freedom naturalism. The blue colour is elegant and peaceful in the white background. With a smooth texture, the glaze is thin and translucent.

On the other side of the teacup, you will notice a hint of minty colour which is called (Celadon shade, 影青). 


81 mm (w) *35 mm (h) 

Tea to Match

There is no limitation on which tea it can serve. It works for every tea.


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