Hand-Crafted Jun Porcelain Kyusu by Yang Xiaoyong


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Jun porcelain (钧瓷) was exclusively used for serving the Royal emperor over a thousand years ago. During this time it was forbidden for the population to even own Unless it was gifted from the imperial family or the emperor himself. In the Song Dynasty, it was conferred as the governmental porcelain by the famous emperor Song Huizong, because of the outstanding colours. It was a privilege and an honour to own one in ancient times.

This teapot has been handcrafted by the prestigious Jun porcelain master Yang Xiaoyong (杨小永) from Henan Province. The layers on the surface are amazing from which you will be able to see an array of beautiful, vivid colours. The special firing develops a network of cracks on the surface which will continuously evolve making this piece truly unique. The outstanding beauty of this prestigious piece can only truly be appreciated in person.

Size: 150ml

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