White Dreams


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LYLP0028. 1 in stock 4.2 x 2.692 x 1.958 cm 28 g , , . , , , , , , .


The pendant is made of natural green phantom crystal. Green Phantom Crystal are formed of green volcanic ash. It has rich Magnesium and iron compound. Green volcanic clay gives the pendants colour. That is why it’s called Green Phantom. We source these beautiful pendants from East Sea of China. They are natural and unique. You will never need to be worried if someone else has the same pendant as yours. It’s widely believed that Green Phantom can bring you good fortune and wealth. Because of its uniqueness, naturalness, and rareness, it’s gonna be harder and harder to find good ones.

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Weight28 g
Dimensions4.2 x 2.692 x 1.958 cm


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