Double Sided Chinese Hand Embroidered Silk Screen (Peony)


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Coming from China, this is delicate silk embroidered table screen is constructed of 4 parts, set in glass and fixed in a beautiful wooden frame. The peony plant is hand embroidered on both sides of a translucent fabric with fine silk threads. More amazingly, both sides of the embroidery are identical. The colours are vibrant with gradual changes. The whole set gives you a sense of love and warmth.

Peony is a popular flower in China that represents honour, wealth, and aristocracy, as well as love, affection, and feminine beauty. The flowers are beautifully presented with fined details.

Double-sided embroidery is a special hand embroidery art from China that requires ultimate skill and artistry and long hours of practice to reach such a level. The stitching takes place on both sides of a single translucent silk fabric. The design on both sides (front and reverse) is exactly the same. All the joints are hidden and not visible to the reverse side. Please check the pictures for details.

It’s perfect for the office or home decoration.


Box: h: 7cm, w: 15.5cm, l: 40.5cm
Screen set: h: 38cm, l: 47.3cm
Single width: 11.5cm
Packing: Gift box


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