Bulang Shan Raw Puer Tea (Tuocha) from 2003


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Produced in 2003, this special raw puer tea comes from the old tea trees in Bulang Mountain, Yiwu, Yunnan Province. With a honey note, it gives you a sense of smoothness and softness that moisturizes your throat. After almost 20 years of ageing, it has plentiful changes in flavours.

This tea has been store in the dry warehouse which gives it a nice woody fragrance and a golden coloured tea liquor. When you sip the tea, you will notice a quick return sweetness with a gentle and gradual change of note from plum to flower and honey.

Weight: 100g


1 Take about 4g of the tea;

2 Warm up the tea wares;

3 Use boiling water to brew the tea for 7 seconds and get the tea out;

4 Serve in teacups and enjoy;

5 Repeat 3 and 4 till the tea is weak.

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Weight 100 g


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