Blue and White Porcelain Bamboo-Hat teacup–Orchid Blossom


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Cultural Background

Orchid, a symbol of nobility, is commonly used in Chinese tea culture. It represents a quiet yet respected character because the best orchid grows in the deep valleys with an elegant aroma, avoiding competing with the others. It also represents the beauty of simplicity for its simple shape and light colours. 

Product Information

A strong contrast between the inside and outside gives you a sense of balance. Growing and flourishing, the orchid decorates the white interior of the teacup with a classic blue colour. The other side is painted a dark blue colour with a white coloured rim in the bottom. The two sides create a beautiful harmony, which reminds people of the balance of Yin and Yang. 

The shape of the teacup originates from the traditional bamboo hat worn by the farmers in the countryside. It ultimately links us with nature, where the farmers work and live.


85 mm (w) * 35 mm (h)

Tea to Match

  • Red tea (Black tea)
  • Green tea
  • White tea


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