Black Goji Berry (Sapphire Wolfberry)


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In the heart of Central Asia lies a millennia-old forest called “Wulonggou” or valley of the five Dragons. Deep Wulonggou forest grows the Black Goji berry, famous throughout the far East for its health benefits. According to Chinese medicine, it can lower cholesterol, boost the immune system, improve vision, help protect your kidneys and liver. All of these benefits come from a special type of anti-oxidant found in this special berry called anthocyanidin renowned for improving your overall wellbeing.


Take 2 teaspoons of Black Goji Berry and put them in a teapot or mug, preferably glass so that you can see the colour changing. Pour 80℃ water in and drink straight away. You can keep adding water until the flavour becomes too weak to taste.

Weight: 30g


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Weight 30 g


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