Ancient Old Tea Tree NO.2 Raw Puer Cake (200g)


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A high-quality raw puer tea is always worth cherished dearly. Our supplier travels to Yunnan Province every year to source very authentic puer tea for us. Coming from Lagu aboriginal tribes in the Bulang Mountain area, the ancient tea trees are about 300-500 years old. As you can see, the tea has a lot of small hair with a very strong shape. With very limited raw material (100 kg), this puer tea is very precious. Plucked from late Spring, the tea has a very rich honey smell both from dry tea leaves and wet ones. Generally speaking, the consistency of tea is very good. You can easily get more than 10 infusions. The tea gives you a subtle plum type of sweetness with an orchid flower hint after you swallow the tea. This is truly a premium raw puer tea

Weight: 200g or 50g


A. 200g: Hand-wrapped in paper

B. 50g: cardboard box


Additional information

Weight 200 g

50g, a pack, 200g, a cake


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