Ancient Tea Tree Gushu NO.1 Raw Puer Cake (200g)


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This puer tea cake is crafted from late Spring tea leaves 2016. The tea trees which are about 100 to 200 years old are growing in Mengku tea plantation areas of Yunnan Province. With different layers, the flavours of this tea are quite consistent. It has a rich honey fragrance from the beginning. After you have it in your mouth and swallow it, the orchid flower flavour will stay for a long time. The tea soup is surprisingly smooth compared to a lot of newly produced row puer. The duration of this tea is good. You can easily get 8-10 infusions out of it. Because of the excellent quality, this tea cake is very ideal for storing and collecting. We suggest you to keep it for a while to let it settle down. The flavour will be even better.

Weight: 200g or 50g


A. 200g: Hand-wrapped in paper

B. 50g: cardboard box


Additional information

Weight 200 g

50g, a box, 200g, a cake


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