90’s Xiaguan Tuocha Ripened Puer


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Stored in the dry warehouse for more than 2 decades, this Tuocha ripened Puer tea has fully settled down. With a nutty hint, the tea tastes very subtle with a woody flavour. The liquor is a beautiful amber colour. It’s smooth and creamy.  The consistency of this tea is very good. You can easily get 15 infusions by steeping it in a pot or Gaiwan. We highly suggest you boil the tea with water to get more out of it Afterwards. With red ‘ 中’ circle, this tea was produced by a former national company which always means higher quality.

You have two ways to buy this tea. You can either buy a small pack, individual ones as a cake, or a full package with 5 cakes.

Weight: 250g or 50g


A. 250g: Hand-wrapped in paper

B. 50g: cardboard box



Additional information

Weight N/A
Weight and Package

50g, a pack, 250g, one cake


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