9-Pieces White Porcelain Gaiwan Tea Set-Moonlight & Meditation


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Coming from famous Jingdezhen, the hometown of porcelain, this set represents a high quality of porcelain making. The surface is as smooth as goat butter jade while inside of the items is shiny. The set is nicely glazed. The Chinese character is 静 which means peacefulness and silence.

Under the peaceful moonlight, the monk is still meditating. Beads and Muyu are waiting patiently. Who wouldn’t want to have tea with a beautiful tea set like this?

The beautiful set comes with a gaiwan, a serving mug, a strainer and 6 cups. A gift box comes with the set too. A magic sponge will be gifted for you to look after your tea set.


Box: L: 37cm, w: 28.1cm, h: 11.5cm
Gaiwan with lid and dish: height: 8.9cm, w: 9.5cm, 280ml
Gaiwan without: upper diameter: 9cm, height: 5.7cm,
Serving mug: height: 6.8cm, width with handle: 10.5cm, 220ml
Cup: height:4.5cm, upper diameter: 6.2cm, 60ml
Strainer including stand: width: 8.5cm, height: 7.5cm

Package: very solid carboard gift box

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 28 × 37 × 11.5 cm


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