7 Pieces Hand-painted Celadon Fish Tea Set


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Fish, a symbol of freedom and flexibility always gives us a sense of peacefulness. They are always quiet but sensible to what’s going on in their lives.  This tea set comes with 6 cups and a #tea pot in a gift box which is sourced by Estelle’s mum who always travels around in China to help us get the most beautiful and authentic products.

As you can see, each fish is carefully hand painted that makes each of them look vivid. The gentle green colour of the set is springy and cheerful reminding us of nature and forests. The shininess of the set is subtle representing a humble character. There is only one of this set available.


Pot: Width with handle and spout: 17cm, height with lid: 7.5, bottom width: 6cm, volume: 240ml
Cup: Width: 8.1cm, height: 3.5cm, bottom width: 4cm,volume: 60ml
Box: Width: 23cm, height: 8.1cm, length: 29.3cm


The set comes with a gift box.

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Weight800 g


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