2016 Wudong Dancong Oolong Tea (乌岽单枞)


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With a floral fragrance, this 4-year-old Oolong tea comes from Wudong Mountain (乌岽山), Fenghua Town (凤凰镇). Lightly fermented, the tea leaves presents you with a dark green colour and long rolled shape. The tea leaves look strong and fresh with a biscuity and milky aroma in the dry leaves.

As you begin to make it, the tea leaves slowly open up and give you a smooth texture that moisturizes your throat. The colour of tea soup is bright yellow with a hint of golden colour. it’s sweet, gentle, refreshing and durable. When you finish your tea, a honey aroma stays in the bottom of the teacup.

Instruction: boil water to 100 degrees, use 5g tea. Pour water from a higher distance to wake up the tea. The tea can be served 5-7 times before the flavour goes away.

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