2013 High Mountain Shoumei White Tea Cake 350g


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Shoumei ( 寿眉) White Tea Cake is produced in August 2013. 寿眉 (Shoumei) in Chinese means old man’s white eyebrows, which represents the white little buds with little fur from the tea. Coming from Jiudou Mountain (九斗山), Fujian Province (福建省), the tea is produced in a traditional way by people who have devoted themselves to the preservation of their tea tradition. Dried under the proper sunshine, the tea hasn’t been through machines, which gives the drinkers a feeling of wildness and sunshine from the Jiudou Mountain which is always surrounded by clouds and fogs in the mornings and at nights.

The consistency of this tea is very good. Each infusion is similar to the previous one, with a slight difference. The liquor of tea is in a honey type of yellow colour, very clear. It’s sweet in a subtle way with a bean flavour hint.

Because of the good quality, the tea is worth both collecting and drinking.

Instruction for Preparing

The way to brew it is simple. There isn’t too much hustle. You need about 5g for a 150ml pot or Gaiwan. Use boiled water and keep the tea in water for 5 seconds for the first infusion. You can keep doing this until the flavour becomes lighter. Then add a few seconds to each following infusions until the tea can’t be brewed. You can boil the left tea with water for more if you like. The tea tastes good when you just boil it.

Weight: 350g

Package: Hand-Wrapped in paper or sealable bag

Additional information

Weight 350 g

50g Package, 350g A Whole Cake


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