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Welcome to August Moon Tea

August Moon Tea aims to bring the fresh air and sunshine from the tea field to our tea ceremony and create a peaceful and exquisite ambience for all of you.

Tea not only brings people closer but also helps us to reconnect with ourselves. It’s a natural elixir for our souls.

Category: Tea Sessions

We normally have one tea session everyday to not get too much tea drunk, and to not be greedy. We share our sessions on this virtual space where we hope you can feel the vibe.


What’s on at August Moon Tea This Week (11 September – 17 September 2017)

Here are the details of the events we are going to have this week. Get in touch with us to book your seats.

Thursday, Mid-week tea meditation to release mid-week stress and make some friends, 19.00-21.00, 14 September, £5 /pp.

Friday, Tea and Silence, 19.00-21.00, 15 September, £9/pp.

Saturday, Doing a Tea Ceremony with a Teapot (Taiwan High Mountain Oolong), 14.00-17.00, 16 September,  £25/pp

We are more than happy to help you to organize a private tea ceremony no matter if you are a business or individual. For more details, please email us to or give us a call on 07541493288.


Our First Lotus Sister Tea Ceremony

Today, we had the first Lotus Sister Tea Ceremony with 6 lovely ladies. Here is some information about the ceremony.

Date: 29/03/2017

Time: 14.30-16.30

Location: August Moon Tea Studio/ 3rd Floor 60 Goose Gate, Nottingham

Tea lovers: Julie, Jules, Val, Sharon, Madi, Jean and Estelle

Tea maker: Estelle Liu

Tea: High mountain Meizhan black tea & 90’s Xiaguan Tuocha (Ripened puer tea) (Click the names of the tea to find them on our website)

It was lovely to get a bunch of wonderful ladies together and share a beautiful afternoon in our studio. It was calming and friendly. Everyone felt relaxed and supported. The conversation just flowed naturally. It went really quickly. We loved to have the ladies. The tea time might be short, but the memory will last.

If you didn’t have the chance to come today, do not worry. We have put our next one on the website already. Just click the link to get yours.

Thank you all for coming. Looking forward to the next Lotus Sister Tea Ceremony!



Let’s have a celebration for ourselves

Woman is such a beautiful word. It has the power of regeneration like mother nature. It has the softness of spring water and the warmth of the sun.
August Moon Tea is inviting you for a special tea ceremony on Women’s Day. We are going to build a circle for ladies who have a kind heart. We need to support each other, encourage each other and praise each other. But most importantly, we need to learn to love ourselves, forgive ourselves, release ourselves, and find the inner beauty in ourselves. At the event, you can experience:
-Guided Meditation (15 minutes)
-Tea Ceremony (1 hour)

Book your tickets now to get £2 off before 28 February.
Contact us for more details: or 07541493288

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Tea Session 27/04/2016

White PoenyWeather: a little bit grumpy and strange
Tea: White peony white tea
Tea wares: Thin white China Gaiwan (水云间), Black sand made cup from Ying Kiln, Square handmade drawn blue and white cup, vintage style thick blue and white cup.
Water: filtered water (around 97 °C)
With a little bit greenish and tiny white feather, the tea smelled like fresh beans after the gaiwan was warmed up with hot water.
I poured water into Gaiwan from an average height which could prevent the bitterness coming out. The tea soup was in a very light yellow colour. Because of the warmth from water, the bean smell gradually expanded in the Gaiwan and went into my head. Suddenly I felt the joy of tea. I wasn’t bothered to throw the first infusion away, instead, I drank it and felt a subtle sweetness and smoothness.White Peony
The second infusion was better than the first one. With a little bit darker yellow, the flavour became more sophisticated in a good way. I felt warmed up and started sweating. However it made my throat slightly stringent, as well as burp. I think the comfort took over my discomfort. So still felt good.
The third infusion was quite similar to the second one.
I didn’t brew the tea long enough for the fourth one. Thus the soup didn’t look as yellow as the second and third ones. But the flavour remained the same.
I brewed the fifth one a bit long, about 1 minute. The soup looked golden which I really liked. It stopped raining so that I could see the blue sky. It was a little bit windy as the trees in front of my window were waving their hands.
Till the eighth infusion, the flavour was the same without changing much. I wouldn’t say it changed a lot in the 8th. I’d rather say it reminded me of being satisfied and grateful. Nothing will remain the same all the time. The more important thing is to enjoy the present.White Poeny White Tea
I assumed this White Peony could last for quite a few more infusions. But I felt I had enough. We should always know when to stop, not for really the final, but for a new start.


A Tea Session: 23/04/2016

This is officially our first published tea session. I am going to make it simple, only because I am not sure if this is the right depth of writingAlishan Oolong tea. Plus I am using my second language, I am not be able to express myself 100% accurately. But I will try my best.

Tea: Alishan Oolong Tea (2015) from a tea friend called Rich

Drinkers: Xingyi Liu 5g

Water: filtered tap water around 95 °C

Quantity of infusions: about 8

Firstly, I warmed up the cup and woke up the tea. The smoky smell was very obvious. I guessed it was roasted afterwards. The soup from waking up the tea was apparently very orange with a little bit of fruity smell. I threw this one away, started making the second infusion. The colour was darker than the first one, close to light amber. The soup was quite smooth with very subtle sweetness in the mouth. I started feeling warmed up from the third infusion. Drinking alone isn’t an easy thing even though I used the small Gaiwan, rather than bigger ones.  The fragrance was lovely with the very passionate colour. However the brewed leaves were not very even.

I have to say, if this wasn’t from Taiwan, I would have enjoyed more. But I know how Oolong tea from Ali Shan tastes like. The smokiness kinda spoiled the freshness of tea. I looked forward more to the fresh flavour with very charming fragrance. Well, at least, it wouldn’t hurt my stomach.