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Welcome to August Moon Tea

August Moon Tea aims to bring the fresh air and sunshine from the tea field to our tea ceremony and create a peaceful and exquisite ambience for all of you.

Tea not only brings people closer but also helps us to reconnect with ourselves. It’s a natural elixir for our souls.

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China from China 1 –Jun Porcelain (钧瓷)

If the piece has even a slight imperfection at any stage it is destroyed to ensure only Perfect grand examples of Jun can be sold.

Since the very beginning of August Moon Tea, we have worked exclusively with master artists, tea farmers and experts. These close relationships have been essential in allowing us to deliver a superior high quality authentic Chinese products.

In September we travelled deep into the heart of Henan Province, Renowned as the birthplace of all Chinese culture. We had the privilege to meet with master artists whose skills and secrets have been passed down through the generations. These masters produce the same exceptional quality as their ancestors would have presented to the imperial family and the emperor himself.

We have learned so much from these masters and are excited to import exquisite pieces of both Jun and Ru for you to admire at August Moon.  

Ancient Town: Shenhou (神垕)
In this ancient town, Jun porcelain can be seen everywhere.

As soon as we arrived in shenhou (神垕) in the heart of Yuzhou City (禹州). We were truly in awe to be in the very birthplace of Jun porcelain, famous for its unique and mysterious rich colours of glaze. Jun Porcelain was considered so precious that only the emperors of the Song dynasty could own such fine porcelain. Every year 36 pieces were crafted by the best Jun porcelain artists and the emperor would select the 10 finest examples to display in the imperial palace. All others would be destroyed to ensure the exclusivity of Jun. The unpredictability of the specially crafted glaze made Jun an outstanding pearl in Chinese porcelain history.

A local expert of Jun porcelain, Mr Ren, kindly talks explain how to identify exceptional Jun porcelain.

Comparing modern pieces with the original ancient Jun porcelain pieces to ensure we supply the finest examples.

Mr Ren has been studying porcelain his entire adult life. His expertise and passion for Jun porcelain are renowned and respected throughout Yuzhou.

Mr Ren took us deep into the mountains to an authentic Jun kiln. We were introduced us to a close personal friend and Jun master Mr Yang. Far away from the city in the peaceful mountain setting we were given the honour to tour the studio to see firsthand how true Jun is made, glazed and fired in the kiln. We are excited to announce we are working with Mr yang and Ren to deliver superior Jun porcelain to our customers.

Mr Yang is talking about the production of Jun Porcelain
This is the remote mountain kiln. Such a beautiful place to be inspired by nature

Mr Yang explained the entire process to make a single grand piece of Jun porcelain. There are so many elements that must be perfect in every way. The first Kiln can only fire one piece at a time and it takes an entire day, there are then several other stages of glazing and firing. If the piece has even a slight imperfection at any stage it is destroyed to ensure only Perfect grand examples of Jun can be sold.

This is the remote mountain kiln. Such a beautiful place to be inspired by nature
Handcrafted pieces waiting to be glazed and fired

We visited a few other studios in Shenhou and finished our day with a lovely meal with our friends.

We had the chance to meet other masters in Shenhou and thoroughly enjoyed the Privilege to learn directly from the masters themselves. After this visit, we truly have a greater appreciation of this ancient art and understand why Chinese people are so passionate about this ancient porcelain fit for the emperor.


Big Red Robe-A Classy Drink in Autumn

Dark twisted tea leaf of Big Red Robe

When you prepare the tea, the aroma travels around in the tea space that brings peace and warmth back to you. 

The first time when I had Big Red Robe, it was an eye-opening experience. I was so grabbed by the roasted and smokey character of it. The after-taste is another reason why I just fell for it. It gives you a very unusual texture in your mouth because the tea plants grow on the cliff. It’s almost nutty but also mineral. We also call this type of oolong tea, cliff tea as the tea plants grow on the cliff. It’s not a tea that will be loved by everyone. But once you fall in love with it, you’ll always appreciate how special it is.

Big Red Robe has a beautiful amber colour

 As we enter the cold weather, we always feel a bit dry especially in the morning after we get up. Summer has given us fun, sunshine, and happiness. But we also accumulate a lot of heat from it. Autumn is a good time to restore the balance and get ourselves prepared for winter. 

 Big Red Robe is one of the teas we carefully selected from our tea trips in Wuyi Mountain. It’s such a warming and comforting tea with a sense of smokiness that makes everything better. It’s so mysterious that you hardly could capture the real flavours. But it’s also a tea to cheer you up with the gentle sweetness and the amber coloured liquor. it’s a well-known tea with so many secrets. When you prepare the tea, the aroma travels around in the tea space that brings peace and warmth back to you. 

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A Tea Tasting Marathon

Yellow Bud Yellow Tea, Premium Wild Maofeng Green Tea, Premium Unnamed Green Tea and Sweet Dew Green Tea

Today, we had the pleasure to enjoy some high-quality teas that just arrived in the morning. We couldn’t wait to open the box and sniff the aromas out of the tea.

There are some green tea, yellow tea and roasted oolong tea in the box. So we decided to do a yellow and green tea tasting Marathon in our beautiful shop in Cheltenham.

Background Information on the Tea

All the teas we tasted today are from Mengding Mountain (蒙顶山) in Estelle’s hometown Yaan (雅安) where the first panda was discovered by the westerners. The mountain is over 1000 metres high with fresh air and beautiful mist throughout the year. The climate is perfect for tea growing. Even the warmest time, the temperature won’t be over 27 degrees centigrade. The tea leaves were all hand-picked before the 5th of April before the weather got too warm. The best green tea comes from this time. The higher altitude allows the tea to have a longer growing tea to absorb the nutrition from nature. All the natural conditions allow the tea plants to grow healthily.

Round 1: Yellow Bud Yellow Tea

Yellow tea is rare in China because the processing is more complicated than green tea thus it’s more difficult to produce. Yellow Bud just arrived is a properly processed yellow tea that gives you a stable and fresh flavour. The dry tea leaves are in yellow colour. The tea is made from tea buds. Each infusion doesn’t get too strong. On the contrary, it’s very subtle and refreshing, light and sweet.

Round 2: Wild Maofeng Green Tea

When we opened the package, the tea really surprised us. It’s covered with little, fine hair. The colour is green. The dry curly tea leaves don’t smell too strong. It has a beautiful balance of little white hair from the young buds and a dark green colour from the tea leaf. Once the water kissed the tea, it released a fresh tomato aroma that made us think of summer. The taste of the tea is also quite refreshing and gentle with a bean spouts flavour.

Round 3: Premium Unnamed Green Tea

So far, we had one yellow tea and one green tea which were equally enjoyable. When we got to the third one, we were excited about the bright green colour and the elegant pointing shape of the tea. In generally, the tea tasted gentle and sweet. It’s a good tea for a lazy morning or a warm summer afternoon. Once the tea opened up, we could see how fresh the tea leaves were before they were processed.

Round 4: Sweet Dew Green Tea

Sweet Dew is one of the most famous tea from Estelle’s hometown. By the name, you can guess it’s sweet. Compared to the premium Maofeng green tea, Sweet Dew looks so much smaller and finer. It comes with a gentle orange aroma and leaves a honey aroma on the surface of the cups. Once the tea opened up, you could see how many little tea buds were used to produce this tasty tea.

Tea is for sharing. We double the joy when we share and learn more about tea through discussions with each other. We would love to share these beautiful teas with all of you. Please contact us if you are interested in having a tea tasting session with us.


We Have Moved To Cheltenham

Spring is quietly and peacefully coming to the UK. We have moved away from the cold wind and white snow. Everywhere is green and floral.

August Moon Tea

August Moon Tea moved to Cheltenham about a month ago. We had to sadly say goodbye to our dear tea friends in Nottingham. Goodbye is only a hello from the future. Relocating is not an easy job. It took us quite a whole pack, unpack and set up the shop. It’s looking quite homely and welcoming now.

This is an exciting time for us. Cheltenham is a beautiful town of Gloucestershire in the Southwest of the UK. We do enjoy walking around and admiring the classic buildings in Cheltenham. The shop is located in Montpellier of Cheltenham. We are surrounded by independent brands, restaurants and cafes. We are a few minutes away from Montpellier Park, Cheltenham Lady’s College and the Queen’s Hotel. We have received very warm welcomes from traders in this area.

Tea always makes us relax and unwind. We are here to take your tea appreciation to the next level and offers you a unique tea experience that brings nature and art to our hectic modern life. You will find high-quality tea and tea wares to make your tea life more ceremonial and mindful. Private tea ceremonies tailored for your families, friends, or companies are available to book to bring everyone closer.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new shop in Cheltenham.


How Long Does It Take to Change Sheng Puer Tea to Shou Puer Tea?

Some people might ask how long does it take to change Sheng puer tea to Shou puer tea. I’m afraid it won’t happen, sadly. It’s nothing to do with the time. They are very different teas.

What Are Sheng and Shou?

Raw puer tea, generally referred to as Sheng Pu (生普), refers to the tea that is processed from the sun-dried big-leaf tea plants from Yunnan Province. The colour of the dry tea is dark green.

Aged Ripened Puer Tea

Ripened puer tea, generally known as Shou Pu (熟普), refers to the tea that is firstly processed from the sun-dried big-leaf tea plants from Yunnan Province and then piled and fermented artificially. The colour of the dry tea is brown.

In conclusion, we can understand that the difference between raw puer tea and ripened or fermented puer tea lies in the fermentation process. Raw puer tea doesn’t get artificially fermented. But ripened puer tea does.

Why Can’t Sheng Puer Change To Shou Puer?

The post-fermentation effect of the raw puer tea in the process of later storage is a natural maturing process. As time goes by, the colour of the dry raw puer tea will become darker, the soup colour will turn red, and the refreshing taste will become mellow.

Raw Puer Tea loose tea leaves

In order to quickly acquire the wonderful taste of the natural maturing, people invented this artificial fermentation step to speed up the maturing process from which we get ripened puer tea. However, in this stage, the nature of the tea is changed. Fundamentally, they are different.