August Moon Tea

A tea ceremony creates a unique moment where you put your entire attention on the cup of tea you are holding; observing life, time and impermanence all in the same, peaceful moment.

This ancient Chinese practice helps you to connect with your inner self, as well as the people around you. When you take a sip of the tea, the beautiful aroma washes over your body and soul. The whole world calms down, and so do you.

August Moon Tea provides you with the opportunity to experience this ancient ritual, relax and reconnect with yourself.

Our tea
We sell tea from carefully selected sources, ranging from black tea, white tea, and Tibetan tea to a small quantity of green tea. Excellence and quality come first for us and for that reason we sell our teas in small quantity. Particularly green tea should only be purchased in a small batch because in order to enjoy it to its full extent it needs to be consumed fresh.

Our tea wares
Our excellent personal connections to suppliers in China enable us to share a range of exclusive, handmade or hand-painted tea wares with you. We wish to provide you with the best quality products to meet the high expectations of a true tea lover. Whether you prefer bamboo, clay, china or even glass, we hope our tea ware range will leave you in want of nothing. We believe in the quality of our products and are sure you will be satisfied, too.

More gifts from China
If tea is not exactly your cuppa, look no further. We also import a range of other products from China that will make a wonderful gift for a loved one. First and foremost, we take pride in our range of handmade jewellery that includes necklaces and bracelets made of crystal, jadeite jade and silver among other materials.

A journey from the East to the West
Trade from the East to the West has a long history. In ancient times the Silk Road connected the East Asia with the Mediterranean, enabling people to buy and sell products from distant places. As a Chinese woman, who has found her home right here in the heart of England, I would like to continue that tradition and fulfil my dream in writing another story of a journey from the East to the West.