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Welcome to August Moon Tea

August Moon Tea aims to bring the fresh air and sunshine from the tea field to our tea ceremony and create a peaceful and exquisite ambience for all of you.

Tea not only brings people closer but also helps us to reconnect with ourselves. It’s a natural elixir for our souls.

A Tea Tasting Marathon

Yellow Bud Yellow Tea, Premium Wild Maofeng Green Tea, Premium Unnamed Green Tea and Sweet Dew Green Tea

Today, we had the pleasure to enjoy some high-quality teas that just arrived in the morning. We couldn’t wait to open the box and sniff the aromas out of the tea.

There are some green tea, yellow tea and roasted oolong tea in the box. So we decided to do a yellow and green tea tasting Marathon in our beautiful shop in Cheltenham.

Background Information on the Tea

All the teas we tasted today are from Mengding Mountain (蒙顶山) in Estelle’s hometown Yaan (雅安) where the first panda was discovered by the westerners. The mountain is over 1000 metres high with fresh air and beautiful mist throughout the year. The climate is perfect for tea growing. Even the warmest time, the temperature won’t be over 27 degrees centigrade. The tea leaves were all hand-picked before the 5th of April before the weather got too warm. The best green tea comes from this time. The higher altitude allows the tea to have a longer growing tea to absorb the nutrition from nature. All the natural conditions allow the tea plants to grow healthily.

Round 1: Yellow Bud Yellow Tea

Yellow tea is rare in China because the processing is more complicated than green tea thus it’s more difficult to produce. Yellow Bud just arrived is a properly processed yellow tea that gives you a stable and fresh flavour. The dry tea leaves are in yellow colour. The tea is made from tea buds. Each infusion doesn’t get too strong. On the contrary, it’s very subtle and refreshing, light and sweet.

Round 2: Wild Maofeng Green Tea

When we opened the package, the tea really surprised us. It’s covered with little, fine hair. The colour is green. The dry curly tea leaves don’t smell too strong. It has a beautiful balance of little white hair from the young buds and a dark green colour from the tea leaf. Once the water kissed the tea, it released a fresh tomato aroma that made us think of summer. The taste of the tea is also quite refreshing and gentle with a bean spouts flavour.

Round 3: Premium Unnamed Green Tea

So far, we had one yellow tea and one green tea which were equally enjoyable. When we got to the third one, we were excited about the bright green colour and the elegant pointing shape of the tea. In generally, the tea tasted gentle and sweet. It’s a good tea for a lazy morning or a warm summer afternoon. Once the tea opened up, we could see how fresh the tea leaves were before they were processed.

Round 4: Sweet Dew Green Tea

Sweet Dew is one of the most famous tea from Estelle’s hometown. By the name, you can guess it’s sweet. Compared to the premium Maofeng green tea, Sweet Dew looks so much smaller and finer. It comes with a gentle orange aroma and leaves a honey aroma on the surface of the cups. Once the tea opened up, you could see how many little tea buds were used to produce this tasty tea.

Tea is for sharing. We double the joy when we share and learn more about tea through discussions with each other. We would love to share these beautiful teas with all of you. Please contact us if you are interested in having a tea tasting session with us.

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