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Welcome to August Moon Tea

August Moon Tea aims to bring the fresh air and sunshine from the tea field to our tea ceremony and create a peaceful and exquisite ambience for all of you.

Tea not only brings people closer but also helps us to reconnect with ourselves. It’s a natural elixir for our souls.

8 Tricks to Make Your Tea Better

The people who like tea are always invited to make tea for everyone in a ‘tea’ situation. It’s so much easier to make tea for yourself. However, it can make you feel nervous in front of many people. You might be worried if you make mistakes or even break things.

No matter what tea, how expensive it is, if you are looking for the best flavour of the tea, you’ll have to be very skillful. If you have a ‘system’ to practice, you’ll feel so much more confident when you make tea for other people. Plus we are not professional tea experts with proper training or restrict techniques. So now, I’m going to share you this 8-step ‘trick’ which will help you with your tea preparation.

1 Understand Tea
You need to understand there are 6 categories of tea: green tea, white tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, red tea and black tea. Furthermore, we will need to be able to judge the tightness, sizes, rolling degree, withering degree and so on of the tea.
Green tea: yellowish green tea leaves.
White tea: covered with tiny white hair tea leaves.
Yellow tea: strong light yellow tea leaves
Oolong tea: dark green leaves with red edge, big curled tea leaves.
Red tea: black tea leaves with the sweet smell but fewer buds.
Black tea: black tea leaves with shininess and earthy smell.


2 Water Is The Mother Of Tea
To make a nice pot of tea, you’ll need to find the right water to match it. This is a basic rule: we need soft and boiled water. So if you can use purified water, spring water or filtered water, the tea will taste better.
The lowest requirement is you have to boil the water.If you need 85℃, make sure the water is boiled at 100℃ first and drops to 85℃. 

3 Teaware Is The Father Of Tea
When you choose a teaware, you will need to think about what tea you are going to make. The gaiwan and pot are commonly used. A gaiwan is more difficult than a teapot. As long as you practice a lot, you’ll be fine. Normally, we suggest that you use glass wares to make green tea to see the beautiful expanding and dancing of the tea leaves. There are other tea wares, such as serving pots, tea scoops, strainers and so on. Sometimes you need them, sometimes you don’t. We always feel it’s fascinating that different shapes and materials of cups can also affect the aroma and flavour of the tea. It’s interesting when you do the experiments yourself which is also a good way to learn your tea and teawares.

4 The Volume Of The Tea Decides How Much You Need.
Some tea is small and flat or compressed. You might not need much. But some are quite fluffy and strong, but light. You’ll need more. Also, you need to learn about your own preference: if you like light flavours, you need less. It all comes from your practice.

5 Different Temperatures For Different Teas.
With the same concentration of the tea liquor, higher temperature water will make tea taste stronger. If the tea leaves are tender, lower temperature water can prevent the leaves from damage. If the tea is from the old tea leaves, higher temperature water can bring out the aroma and flavour. When the temperature changes, you can also observe the changes of aroma and flavour. When you drink the tea, give yourself a little bit of time to enjoy the aroma and let the temperature drop.
Green tea, yellow tea, and red tea:80-90℃
Oolong tea, Puer tea, and black tea:100℃
White tea:young 80-90℃,Aged 100℃

6 How Long To Brew Your Tea.
This is a tricky question. We have some factors to think about, the category, size and shape of the tea, how many infusions you want. As you make more infusions, accordingly you need to increase the brewing time.

Let’s take red tea as an example. The first pot needs 3-5 seconds. Afterwards, you can add 3-5 seconds to each infusion. If it’s compressed tea, you need to rinse the tea to wake it up and brew for a little bit longer. If the tea is in small pieces, you need to be quick to get the liquor out to prevent the bitterness.

7 The Best Tea Is The One You Enjoy
We like to think tea bring us peace and joy. So why do you have to spend too much money on very rare and expensive ones? If you can really appreciate one tea, it doesn’t matter if you are very skilful or if the tea is super expensive. The most precious tea is the tea you are enjoying. We enjoy tea and live in the moment.

8 Relax & Breathe
A lot of people are nervous when they make tea in front of people which is understandable. Why don’t you value the session as a special moment you share with your loved ones. I find it very helpful to just breathe deeply before I start. You take your time to make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable first. Your emotions can affect the taste of the tea. So firstly and most importantly, breathe and relax.

We all can enjoy a peaceful tea session if we keep practicing. It’s more important to learn how to appreciate the moment we enjoy with ourselves and other people.

Hope this short article helps you to make the tea taste good.

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